Olive Oil in 0,1L Mini Size. Christmas 2020 Special Edition


On the Venetian shore of Garda Lake the atmosphere and climate are typically Mediterranean and create a triumph of flora: olive trees, cypresses, oleanders, vineyards. A pleasure for the eyes and the palate.
This exceptional extra virgin olive oil stands out for ist extreme sensory refinement, a delicacy that harmonizes with all dishes, that adds an elegant touch of taste without covering the flavors.

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Christmas 2020 Special Edition.

Each bottle is packed in an elegant black cardboard case.

Size of the bottle: 0,1L

Exra virgin olive oil 100% italian
It is characterized by a particularly robust and intense fruitiness. The flavour is defined, with herbaceous connotations and medium-spicy notes.
Combinations: Particularly suitable for using raw, it is ideal for seasoning carpaccio, bruschetta, salads, soups, vegetables and boiled artichokes.