The Winning Horse 1: Nero di Troia I.G.T. 12(+3 free)


Vintage: 2018

Style: Red Wine

Ideal table with: Pasta, Lamb, Pork and Cheese

Region: Puglia

Aromas: Ripe Fruits

Alcohol Content: 14%

Cellar: +6 Years


15 x (0,75) 2018 Nero di Troia I.G.T.

Deep ruby red with garnet reflections; rich on the palate with a scent of ripe red fruits.

Spiced in the aftertaste with a tobacco note. Grat personality.

It is a complex, difficult wine, tied to seasonal trends, but of noble origins: one of the legends tells that it was bought to Puglia by Diomedes, son of the king of argos, leader of the Argives during the siege of Troy.