The wine is good.
But the water remains.
On the table

Leonardo da Vinci(1452-1519)
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Cooming soon

We are creating new artisan delights that are the result of a knowledge handed down for generations and a highly technological modus operandi, starting from delicious fruits of the Italian land. You will have confirmation of this in every precious drop of tasted product.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP organic (250 ML) – 30,00 CHF/bottle

Balsamic vinegar obtained from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, with a harmonious and bittersweet taste. It is suitable for all palates, even the most delicate ones, which will be caressed by its natural creaminess.
In the kitchen, it goes well with all types of dish and you can pour a few drops also on strawberries and raspberries.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and White Truffle (250 ML) – 30,00 CHF/bottle

Absolutely natural olive oil, without the addition of industrial powders and aromas. Only olive oil and white truffle.
The White Truffle is cholesterol-free, it is a source of magnesium, it contains calcium and potassium that stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins.
It is also rich in antioxidants that fight aging and promotes collagen production.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon (250 ML) – 13,00 CHF/bottle

Lemon: true concentration of vitamins, mineral salts and folic acid, lutein to protect the retina of the eye, citric acid to promote digestion and limonene with its anti-cancer properties.
Ideal seasoning for grilling, fish, meat, vegetables, white pasta and soups.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Orange (250 ML) – 13,00 CHF/bottle

Antiseptic and antioxidant fruit, orange has been used since ancient times to relieve coughing and chronic fatigue, depression, poor circulation and skin infections.
Ideal seasoning for salads, meat, fish and vegetables.

These creations, produced in limited quantities, will be available not before the end of March 2021. We have already opened reservations (by e-mail: to guarantee the right of priority.


wine tasting - Donna Cristina

When you taste a wine

if you feel inebriated by the scent and sensations of the tasting, by the consistency and by the distant hints of the aftertaste

and if you squint to catch until the last of the emotions that this wine has generated in you;

and, if immediately after, a satisfied smile appears on your face, as if you have grasped all the different facets of this wine

or if you immediately turn your head 45 degrees, frowning in question, because a detail escapes,

then you are a potential customer

If you come back home after a busy day of work

and your list of priorities is in the following order: enter the house – take off your shoes – close the door until tomorrow – wash your hands – open the fridge take some cheese, 2 olives and a glass of wine on the sofa to restore your inner serenity;

and if by tasting the cheese with a drop of wine you realize with a satisfied smile that there is a price to pay to regain the lost serenity,

then you are a potential customer

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If all day without stopping,

you chase the deadlines and the activities that must absolutely be done today, because tomorrow’s are already in line
and you have always lived in this frenetic rhythm.
And when you can finally stop for a moment, a minute, a day you decide that you deserve to enjoy this moment 100% and you want only the Best, because you have earned it,
then you are our potential customer

If you have always been used to taste high quality wines

and you are not going to change your good habits,

then you are our potential customer

If you are simply looking for wines and products that are not found everywhere,

which have been created according to the attentions of those who create them,

giving them a unique and special accent,

because you’re goal is not only the pleasure of tasting, you’re seeking the complete harmony of body and soul,

then you are our potential customer.

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