Hymn to Health: 30 Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles individually packed. Christmas Special Edition

CHF300.00 CHF270.00



30x 0.1L Extra virgin olive oil bottle for 270.00 CHF instead of 300.00 CHF

Each bottle is packed in an elegant black cardboard case.

Why should you offer extra virgin olive oil?

Since ancient times, olive oil has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

It also symbolizes purity, strong and lasting bonds and is one of the protagonists of Mediterranean cuisine.

An olive oil gift is like a promise and a wish of health.

Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian

Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian.
It has a strong and intense fruit yon and a decided taste with hay aromas and medium sharpness.
Combinations: Ideal for raw use with carpaccio, bruschetta, salads, soups, vegetables and cooked artichokes.

On the Venetian shores of Lake Lake Gardas, there is a mild climate that creates a triumph of flora: olive trees, cypresses, oleanders and vines. A real treat for the eyes and palate.
This exceptional extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its fine flavour nuances and its mildness. It guarantees a harmonious rounding of taste without drowning out the flavors of the dishes.