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Preparation: 20 ‘- Cooking: 15’

Donna Cristina recommends tasting it with: Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G. – Red Malvasia of Castelnuovo Don Bosco D.O.C. – Recioto D.O.C.G. – Greco di Bianco D.O.C. – Mandarin liqueur – Limoncello liqueur

Ingredients for 4 Persons

4 Apples (Golden or Renette)

80 g of Apricot Jam

40 g of Sultana

40 g of sliced Almonds

25 g of Brown Sugar

A touch of Mandarine or Limoncello liqueur

Wash the apples and make an incision around the stem

Core with a core lever.

Stuff the inside of each apple with apricot jam mixed with sultana

Sprinkle with sugar

Arrange the apples on a baking tray for gratinating

Sprinkle with sliced almonds

Give a touch of Mandarino or Limoncello liqueur

Cook in the oven at 160 degrees for about 15 minutes.