Greco di Bianco D.O.C.


Legend says that in 560 BC 10 thousand Locresi managed to defeat Crotone’s army of 130 thousand men in the battle on the Sagra thanks to an ancient wine, the Greco di Bianco, which gave superhuman courage and strength. For this reason he was also loved by Roman emperors and in the nineteenth century doctors prescribed it as tonic and in nervous breakdowns. Amber color, juicy, rich and velvety, made from dried-grapes with an aroma of almonds and orange blossoms. Simply exceptional.

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Vintage: 2012
Type of wine: dried-grapes white, sweet
Passage in barrel: french oaks
Ideal with: desserts, foie gras, cheese and for meditation
Body: medium
Perfume: fruity
Land: Italy
Region: Calabria
Grapes: Greco di Bianco 100%
Packaging: 0,50 L
Aromas: orange blossoms and almond
Alcohol content: 15%
Temperature: 7-10 °C
Degustation: now + 20 years

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