Liquore Limoncello – Antiche Ricette di Famiglia


The Limoncello is an italian lemon peel liquor with his origins in the region Campania. You can taste it as intensive fruited digestive. Italians use to drink it also as aperitivo or mixed in cocktails. Perfect with fruit salads, desserts, ice or citrus sorbets.

Our Limoncello is produced in a traditional way according to an ancient family recipe. That means extended preparation times and a simply superb result. During the degustation of our Limoncello, you’ll have the sensation to be on a peak of the Amalfi Coast among lemon trees with breathtaking views of an intense blue sea, kissed by the sun.

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Product: liquor
Ideal with: aperitif, digestive and as an ingredient in cocktails and desserts
Perfume: Lemon peel
Land: Italy
Region: Campania
Packaging: 0.70l
Aromas: Lemon peel
Alcohol content: 28%
Temperature: Serve ice cold

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