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Preparation: 20´ – Cooking 10 ’

Donna Cristina advises to enjoy them with: Muller-Thurgau D.O.C. – Pinot Grigio D.O.C. – Sauvignon D.O.C. – “Riva dOro” Lugana D.O.C. – Malvasia I.G.P. – Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé D.O.C.

Ingredients for 4 persons
300 g Linguine
300 g Swordfish
300 g cherry tomatoes
40 ml extra virgin olive oil
1 garlic clove
Wild fennel
1 chili
Salt and pepper

Wash and cut the tomatoes in half
Blanch the diced swordfish in a non-stick pan with a 20 ml of oil.
Add the wild fennel and season with salt and pepper.
In another coking pan gent lu fry the whole garlic and chilli with the remaining oil
Salt and cook for 2 minutes
Add the fish
Cook the linguine “al dente”
Once drained, pour it into the pan with the sauce and stir-fry for a moment.
Serve immediately.